FKT: Peter Consalvi - Miura Peninsula - 2020-12-25

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1d 2h 18m 1s
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During peak COVID times in Japan ultras were tough to come by- so I set out at 3:16am on Christmas Eve December 24th, 2020 to run the Miura peninsula and spread some Christmas cheer. I carried with me enough snacks and water to reach the half way point of the peninsula (Jogashima Island at ~35miles) where some friends met me and we had a short picnic/resupply. About an hour of enjoying my friend's company and I set out again to complete the peninsula. After nearly 70 miles and completing the peninsula I felt fantastic and decided to continue west and reached Enoshima island, where I turned around then headed north to Yokohama. After reaching the outskirts of Yokohama I returned to my car which completed the run at 100.5 miles in 26 hours 18mins. Starting on the east side of the peninsula and running south allowed me to enjoy a phenomenal sunrise over Tokyo Bay at the beginning of the run and a beautiful Christmas Eve sunset over Mt. Fuji and Sagami Bay towards the end of the run. 

Food and water are abundant throughout the route- Japanese vending machines and convenience stores are everywhere on the peninsula and the run can easily be done self supported. For the duration of the run I ran solo.