FKT: Peter Howe - Mt Chocorua (NH) - 2014-08-04

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47m 42s

This afternoon, I ran up the Piper trail to the summit of Chocorua in 47:42, and was originally going to establish an ascent/descent record, but it started raining on my way up, making the rock faces near the summit a bit too slippery and sketchy for me to give the descent a fast run. Instead I decided just to push for the ascent record, then hang out at the top for half an hour and wait for some friends to catch up at the summit. I then headed down at a comfortable pace and descended the Piper Trail in 37:12. My gps data is attached, although as usual, the gps satellites didn't account for the full distance of 4.5, but the elevation gain is pretty darn accurate.


In terms of the run, it was a great run, I forgot how gradual the first 2 miles of the trail are. I was definitely working pretty hard the whole way up, as my legs were still tired from a big effort on Washington last Thursday, where I summited Washington via the Tuckerman Ravine Trail in 69:28. I'd say there's definitely plenty that could be knocked off this Chocorua time in the future with a set of fresher legs, and being able to work the upper sections faster, and know the trail better. It was only my second time up Chocorua today, but its certainly one of my favorite mountains I've ever climbed.

As I was running up, I happened to pass a woman who was running down, and further up the trail, some hikers reported that she had summited in 55 minutes! At that point I wasn't even sure if I could get up that fast! Needless to say, she flew up that mountain, no idea who she was though.