FKT: Peter Hubbard - Manistee River Trail Loop (MI) - 2014-06-14

Route Variation
Standard route
Finish Date
Time (duration)
3h 33m 1s

On Saturday, June 14, 2014, I ran the Manistee River Trail (MRT) from the Seaton Creek Campground and connected it with the North Country Trail (NCT) to complete the 23 mile loop in 3:33:01. Unfortunately, my Garmin died the night before, so I just used my stop watch. Below is a link to a trail map and my splits. It's a very scenic trail, I haven't found anyone who has run it, but it's a popular backpacking loop. I highly recommend it as a moderately challenging trail run to anyone in the area or passing through. I hope to be back someday to lower the time or to challenge someone else who has lowered it already.
Seaton Creek Campground to Suspension Bridge (1.4 miles): 11:33
Suspension Bridge to Red Bridge via MRT (9.6 miles): 1:26:49 (1:38:22)
Red Bridge to Suspension Bridge via NCT (10.6 miles): 1:39:20 (3:17:42
Suspension Bridge to Seaton Creek Campground (1.4 miles): 15:19 (3:33:01)