FKT: Peter Kesting - Kings Mt - Elk Mt Loop (OR) - 2022-07-07

Route variation
Standard Loop
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Total time
1h 48m 9s
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This was my first time on this route and it was a real good time. I started just after 2pm and the day had already heated up into the mid 70s so I thought that might compromise the FKT attempt since I wasn't bringing any food or water.

The first 3rd was just cruising on relatively mellow single track before a brutal climb up to the Elk Mt. summit that gains 1700 feet in 1.4 miles. Steep enough in parts that I was using my hands.

Then some short and technical accents and descents before reaching a 1.5 mile section that must've been an old logging road judging by its width and consistent grade. The Elk Mt. climb burned me pretty good and this was a much needed reprieve.

I made it to the Kings Mt. summit right around record pace and cruised down the 2500 feet in 2.3 miles back to the trailhead.