FKT: Peter Kesting - South Mountain Loop via Bursera Trailhead (AZ) - 2023-12-23

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1h 16m 17s
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This trail is absolutely awesome. You can see the loop throughout most of the route. It’s also a lot more runable than many of the trails in the Pheonix area with long sections of smooth gravel. 

I ran this at a casual pace clockwise about a month earlier and knew I’d be back. I asked Scott Traer if he’d like to have a crack at his record with me but sadly it didn’t work with his racing schedule. So I set off solo on a cool overcast afternoon relieved that the terrain wasn’t saturated after raining heavily the whole day before. Wanting a different perspective, I set out counter-clockwise this time after a warmup up the first 1.25 miles. There are a lot of trails in the beginning so I wanted to ensure I didn’t skip a beat while making the initial turns. 

It felt good to hammer the 900 foot climb in the beginning on fresh legs. I focused on small consistent steps instead of large powerful bounds up the boulders. Once at the top, from then on, I had to get my average pace down as low as I could because I knew I would be hurting on the final 600 foot ascent. The trail along the ridge was fantastic and I only saw several people. 

By the time I got to the base of the second climb, I had gotten my average pace down to around 7:30 and the ascent wasn’t as long as I remembered it being. The last mile was a breeze and I cruised to the trailhead sign at just over 1:16. Great start to a Christmas weekend.