FKT: Peter Noyes - Kill 'Em Quick (CA) - 2022-02-10

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15m 30s

I have been using this Kill `Em Quick trail in training for several years as a measure of my fitness. After having taken an extended break from training I decided to come back to train for Cocodona which is a 255.8 mile ultra through Arizona. I have now completed 25 weeks of consistent training and I figure I am in my best trail running shape to go after a solid time on route. I was able to do just that by throwing down a time of 15:30 this morning which is more than 4 minutes faster than the last time I did a time trial on this trail back in November, and it is now the fastest time I know of. The next fastest time on Strava is 19:01.

This trail is over 1000 feet gain in less than a mile. I started out running until I couldn't sustain a full run and then switched to alternating between power hiking and running. About 5 minutes into the run the trail goes up a gully and then out onto the switchbacks. A few of the switchbacks are somewhat flat which I ran, otherwise I was power hiking and scrambling up the rocks. This was essentially an all out 5K type effort. My heart rate averaged 181 reaching a peak of 191.

I am thrilled with my effort and feeling good about going into the last training block for Cocodona. I wore my Rabbit FKT running shorts which may have been the key factor in nailing this run.

Kill `Em Quick is an awesome little trail with a ton of history so I encourage anyone to come out to my part of the world to test themselves on it!