FKT: Peter Wetzel - Appalachian Trail (AT) - 2012-11-03

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307d 9h 10m 10s
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Please see the blog at and the Trail Journals link for daily reports with abundant photos.

GPS tracks are entirely complete except for a single day, January 9th, during which I somehow turned the recording capability off.  For that day the Geo-located photos are provided.  A few other random photos of interest also included in this submission.

What I did:  It is called a yo-yo.  I hiked the entire AT both ways within a single calendar year.  In my case it was done by means of individual daily out-and-back hikes.  In other words, each day I started at a trailhead and hiked a section both ways, then moved to the next adjacent section and did the same until I had finished the entire trail, scrupulously passing every white blaze twice.

I supported myself with a vehicle, driving from one trailhead to the next to launch each day's out-and-back section.  I did not hike any more than a few hours with any one person, though I met a great many people more than once, sometimes months apart.