FKT: Philip Hocks - X1648 (Germany) - 2021-06-06

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Total time
8h 11m 59s
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I attempted the unsupported FKT for the x1648 point-to-point route from Osnabrück to Münster on June 6. 2021. I shot for a sub-8 hours time but blew up a little bit in the end (and underestimated traffic lights). The start point was the door of the old townhall in Osnabrück, finish the door of the old tonwhall in Münster. I ran alone and carried all my food (3000 Kalories) and supplies (includig 2 litres of water). I refilled my water at the public water tap on the public graveyard in Ladbergen at the 38.7 Kilometermark (The picture of it is uploaded as well). 

I had some GPS-Issues along the way, therefore the Strava-File indicates only 72.9 instead of the official 74.2km. But I promise I haven't taken any shortcuts. I simply followed the well marked course from start to finish. 

It was a blast but sucked a bit for a little stretch ;-) Guess I've got to come back for that sub-8 finish some other time.