FKT: Philipp Hammes, Winter Hammes, Emil Bolat - Melbourne Capital City Trail (VIC, Australia) - 2021-05-08

Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Route variation
Standard loop
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 45m 29s
GPS track(s)

We started at Rushall Station and changed the direction from CCW to CW on short notice. Why? Because this way Winter gets less sun in her face 😊 Anyway it was all easy cruising from here down the river. Coming through the CBD we stuck to the route although there are three better options to pass south of the river and continue on the parallel trail which are technically also part of the CCT.

At Southbank we made grabbed a cheeseburger meal for $4 which changed us from the unsupported to the self-supported category. Emil loved his chips, Winter had a dig at the cheeseburger and Philipp got a vanilla coke (so disgusting). With that out of the way 2/3 of the trail were done and we headed to the home stretch - although there was a bit more in the tank left we didn't want to trash ourselves and in the end the sub 4h finish was well within reach. 

Deviations from the route where at Rushall station itself and Moonee Ponds Creek / Dynon Rd. Both were due to construction work and added a bit of distance / time but not really in a relevant way. It's probably almost impossible to run the whole thing without any detours.

All in all a nice Saturday morning outing and the CCT finally got a baseline. 

Winter, Emil & Philipp