FKT: Phoebe Seltzer - Cohos Trail (NH) - 2023-10-11

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3d 10h 12m 20s
GPS track(s)

Finally got the Cohos Trail FKT on the 4th attempt! I went with the supported FKT as I realized it gave me the best chance for success. I had a stellar crew and pacers and couldn’t have done it without them. 

I started at 7:15 am on Sunday northbound from the Davis path trailhead. I ran through to the start of the kilkenny section the first day then got some sleep. I started the Kilkenny the second day and realized pretty soon I hadn’t slept enough and lay down for another hour and a half on top of the first climb. I felt like myself again and made it through the kilkenny and most of the Nash stream before some rest. I rested for a few hours and headed up on the third day to the end of the Nash stream and start of dixville. I ran through dixville and hardscrabble and deadwater and started the Connecticut lakes section before some more rest. Started up again and pushed through some more before a strategic nap before the final 2 mountains that would take me to the final section of the trail. I still moved well though was stiff and got the final peaks done it good time. I picked up my final pacer for the last section and headed on up to the boarder. I think previous attempts stopped after going around the lake so I did split the watch and took a photo but continued until the boarder monument before I officially stopped it.


The trail has been rerouted through the hardscrabble and deadwater area. It saves about 6 miles although those are all dirt road miles so only really would save about 2-3 hours max.