FKT: Pierre-Emmanuel Alexandre - Gernsbacher Runde (Germany) - 2021-02-21

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 20m 50s
GPS track(s)


- 2 energy balls

- A handful of Haribo

- 0.5 L electrolyte, 0.5 L iso

- Refilled water at 8k and 20k, 0.5L each at the spring⛲ I found.

- 3 ? breaks

So it seems that the "Premium" seal means that the hiking track is optimal for families with kids or oldies. More than 90% of the track are on large forest paths. And there were not so many highlights I would say. But it is often like this for hiking tracks. For sure you often have nice views so it's for sure a beautiful panorama track - but with too few single trails for me. It explains also why I ran that fast. Don't get me wrong but this for sure a wonderful hiking track but for me it has not the character of a trail running adventure.

If I could put a critic on that track I would say:

- 2 times I had to cross multiple-lane roads without any zebra or light... this for me is a no-go.

- from my point of view are some markings not intelligently placed on the track.

I started quite fast. I always start fast ? and tried to hold that pace. I felt not so good on the 20-28k section and the last 10 k were horrible. I thought I could speed up on the downhill but I was so empty and had no energy anymore. It was only about survival to arrive safe without any twisted ankle. 

Last 2k on street were awful!??‍♂️

At the end I am very happy with my performance even though there is still some room for improvement.