FKT: Preston Daniel Grant - Mulholland Drive (CA) - 2020-02-14

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
1h 9m 39s
GPS track(s)

One Way, East to West. Starting at the big yellow gate near the buildings in Encino. Same start as the out and back. Ended at Topenga 27. Definitely be careful, as there is no barrier between you and the cars. Beautiful run, especially closer to Topenga. Much greener but the trail is less smooth, so watch your step. Happy trails!

I almost took a wrong turn right after mile 5, but I retraced my steps and continued on after seeing it was a road leading off and definitely too soon to be Mulholland Dr. Ended at Topenga 27, probably scaring some of the locals who thought I was going to run full speed into traffic. Will attempt the out and back sometime in 2020.