FKT: Przemyslaw Szapar - Główny Szlak Sudecki (Poland) - 2021-02-28

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6d 8h 15m 0s

Between February 22-28, I completed the entire Sudety Main Trail, establishing a winter FKT in the self-supported style. I covered the whole trail by myself, I ran with all winter equipment (tent, sleeping bag, food supply, etc.). In addition, before the start, I sent mini deposits to the Andrzejówka shelter, and to the bases of the Sudety Mountain Rescuers in Zieleniec and Miedzygórze. The average weight of the backpack is 8 kg, the average number of km per day is 71. The trail is 444 km long + 14250 / -14463. Most of the mountain paths were unbroken, not passed, which forced me into priming. The trail runs through 12 mountain ranges, visiting villages and settlements as well as several small towns along the way. I am in a possesion of satelite locator track record of my run which I also published on my social media account.