FKT: Rachel Boim - Kilimanjaro High Circuit (Tanzania) - 2023-03-08

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Standard route
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Total time
17h 48m 7s

What a day! I started at Barafu just before dawn and hit the summit as the sun was rising and then descended to Kibo and went around the back of the mountain through Buffalo camp. After rounding the northwest corner, I hit lava tower then descended into Baranco. I saw the sunset just after climbing out of the canyon. After another descent and ascent I was at Karanaga in the dark and back at Barafu in 17 hours and 48 minutes, with stopping time. I had Tyler Andrews and Conor Sleith providing support throughout the route. Thanks to GU for and Honey Stinger for delicious fuel.

If anyone is thinking about doing this loop make sure you get it approved with your guide company and through the national park. Take your permit (or a photo) with you. We got stopped a lot. Also note- there is no water on the route until Lava Tower. Refilled bottles in a clean stream there.