FKT: Rachel Entrekin - Olympic National Park Grand Loop (WA) - 2020-09-26

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10h 46m 29s

Wow, what a day!!! 

The weather kept me on my toes at this one, and if I were a smarter person I probably would've saved this for another day so I could've optimized the views, but what a stellar loop this is. I can't wait to come back!

Fairly easy to follow, though there are some tricky intersections with weirdly placed signage. I think the traditional hiking loop must be clockwise, because a lot of the signs are behind you! Made a few wrong turns and found myself bushwhacking for about a 1/2 mile before realizing my error. Oh well!

Really tough climbs, got off-trail and had to scramble up scree to get back to the trial because visibility was so poor. Next time, I'll do this loop in summer.