FKT: Rachel Entrekin - Rae Lakes Loop (CA) - 2022-06-17

Route variation
from Onion Valley
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
13h 6m 7s

Nice day!

Quite windy start, with gusts probably reaching 30mph if I had to guess going up Kearsarge and down Glen Pass, but ended with sun and a light breeze. I did this loop last year on this day, and it was about 30d hotter down on the Bubb's creek trail, so the cool was definitely appreciated. 

Some bootpacked snow slows you down on the Rae Lakes side of Glen Pass, but otherwise unremarkable. River crossings are all manageable. Plenty of spots to refill water. Saw a few deer, a King snake, some marmots, and allegedly a bear was poking around near the Road's End TH. Since I did this on a weekday (Friday), didn't see *too* many people out there.