FKT: Rachel Entrekin - Timberline Trail (OR) - 2020-08-12

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8h 25m 42s

Kind of spur of the moment, but what a good day! 

It definitely didn’t get too hot, which I was sort of worried about - even got snow flurries, which was confusing, since it’s August. Could’ve done without the 25-30 mph gusts of wind though on the east side... brr!
I was just out here backpacking and noticed a lot of downed trees - it seems like the forest service has taken care of at least 50% of the problematic ones, so that was a welcome surprise! 

Fell and busted the crap out of my knee(s) at the first ravine crossing trying to run too fast.... took the rest of them slowly and honestly I think that’s the way to go. You’re not going to make up time crossing giant river canyons!! Heed my warning.