FKT: Rachel Lemcke - The Priest & Three Ridges (VA) - 2022-10-22

Route variation
Standard route
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 2m 18s

I had a blast running this route; it was my first time putting both sections together! 

I chose to do the run elf-supported so I could restock with fuel at my car. I started with the three ridges loop and ran that in 2:52. I moved well through that section and never pressed too hard. I was feeling optimistic about breaking 5 hours at this point but looking back I should have descended a little harder. The climb up to Priest is relentless, mostly because you have to go past the summit to the shelter. I tried to run where I could but utilized a lot of power hiking. Once I hit the shelter I did my best to turn it on a little and finish hard. I had one minor wipe out but got up quick. Perfect weather and great day!

I felt great the entire time and was excited my quads held up for all of the climbing and descending. The leaves made the route very slick but it was still manageable at this point. I would like to do it again and break 5 hours, or I would love to see another woman blow it out of the water!