FKT: Rafal Adametz - Pankeweg (Germany) - 2020-11-28

Route variation
one way
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Total time
2h 11m 21s
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I was planning to run Pankeweg for a few weeks as my first FKT. The record was free to take, so at first, I wanted to do it in an easy, no-stress way. Just the day before my trial I saw Thorge Horstmann result. So I needed to hurry up a bit (thanks for the motivation!). I had my running vest with few snacks, water and self-made isotonic. I was alone the whole route.

I never run this route before (just one 5 km part of it). This was also my first time with navigation provided by my watch. In the end, I managed to beat the record of Thorge for 3 min. As well as he, I also had a little extra distance because of the construction site. In addition, 2 very small mistakes which my watch noticed and I turn back immediately. Good luck with the traffic lights is also an important factor in the first half of the route. All in all, it is a very idyllic and pleasant route with a little taste of adventure (going under the bridge crouching or crossing the old railroad).  In the next attempt, after the construction is ready (hopefully in spring), I will try to break 2 hours on this route.