FKT: Rahim Theriot - Washington DC Boundary Stones (DC) - 2021-05-02

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Standard Loop
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Total time
13h 55m 55s
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On May 2, 2021, I ran 61.5 miles to all the boundary stones of Washington DC.

Inspired by local runner Mike Wardian, I trained for about a year to run this route. On my 365th day of running without any days off, at 5:50 am I started at the southern boundary stone (Jones Lighthouse, Alexandria VA) and ran in the northwest direction. After going to every stone and following the route, I completed the run 13:55 hrs later. 

I was supported by a running friend who tracked me via the "share my location" on google maps. She drove all day and met me every third stone supporting my water and food breaks.

The run was exciting and long. The hill kept coming but I pushed through. 

Big Thanks to Mike Wardian for inspiring me and for some technical support.