FKT: Rami Haddad - South Rim - Emory Peak Loop (TX) - 2024-03-28

Route variation
Loop only
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 38m 54s
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Started early with intent of completing the South Rim loop with Emory Peak. Learned that South Rim loop close for peregrine nesting season past Boot Canyon trail. Did not mind the short cut. Well maintained easy trail the entire way. No major steep sections. Many visitors & camping sites. Except for the precarious climb on sheer vertical rock to Emory Peak.

Submitting first known time for loop only with time including detour to Emory Peak coming back to the same point to continue loop.


Editors Note: Rami set out to complete the Full South Loop + Emory Peak loop. After summiting Emory Peak, running clockwise, the East Rim loop was closed, so Rami completed the route using the shorter "Loop Only" variation that removes the East Rim section. Emory Peak is thus seen as a detour on his "Loop Only" effort.