FKT: Randy Elliott - Art Loeb Trail (NC) - 2022-06-12

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6h 59m 57s

Got started at 6:05am from the Davidson River Art Loed Trailhead parking lot. Began run with two full soft flask and refilled with the Salomon filter top about 8 miles in at the Cedar Rock area. Had to make that water last until mile 21 at Flower Knob where I finally found another spring to refill my two soft flask that lasted till the end. Felt like a hero for the first 17miles but was pretty dehydrated by the time I topped out the climbing at Silvermine Bald about mile 17 and battled with leg cramps till the finish. For calories I had GU Roctane in the first two flask 250cal each, two Spring Awesome Sauce 180 each, two Spring Speed Nuts 250 cal each and one Hammer Bar 210 cal. If I where to do the route unsupported again I would bring a extra flask or two to fill between mile 7-21 and some poles to save my legs on the climb and for the technical downhill finish. Beautiful weather but a little on the hot side (high of 80's) for a route with limited water.