FKT: Raphael Kinney - TTC Line 2 (ON, Canada) - 2019-03-29

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3h 20m 54s
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Starting at an arguably late 3:50 pm, the sun was a nice and balmy 50F and the conditions were just perfect. We haven't had a spring day like this in Toronto for a long time! My approach to this run was simply to map out rough 5km segments at a time with my list of stations on Google Maps and follow it! My partner Emma F. Robertson was keeping tabs on me via messenger all the way from down in Texas to keep track of my location and keep me accountable on my progress moving from station to station. From Kennedy to Main Street I would say was the most difficult part of this run navigation wise as I had never been in the area before. But to my pleasant surprise, a lot of trail time was had here! Once hitting Danforth and Bloor the stations just began to tick away. I think the furthest distance from any given station to the next was only about 1.7km, with most being between 600-1000 meters apart. It was a lot of fun dodging pedestrians at rush hour! A lot of cigarette smoke and vapes were inhaled as the sidewalk was absolutely full of them east of the Don Valley Parkway. This is an excellent way to see the city as it is so accessible from just anywhere along the subway lines and provides plenty of bail-out options. I took 1 16oz handheld with me and I was able to finish it off right by the end of the run. No refills or restrooms needed!

All [31] images in order posted on the Strava activity! I personally want to thank Emma for being my personal cheerleader for the day and providing so much encouragement and mental support!