FKT: Raphael Schär - Solothurn zum Chasseral (Switzerland) - 2021-09-22

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9h 9m 4s
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What a beautiful day! Climb up to the Weissenstein was steep but easy. Enjoy the view and refill water on top. The panorama is just stunning, with some fog down in the Mittelland and the royal alps in the back.

Then it continues on the Jura. Path is sometime technically not so easy and it's a little wet, which makes it slippery at times. It's a constant up and down, but still feeling very well. 

After like 4 hours I arrive close to Biel after a long descent just to find out that a steep and very long ascent is a head. And by steep, I mean steep. It's killing. I'm feeling not very well. Stomach starts to feel strange. Trying to get some energy down... no possible or I would through up. Drinking is also hardly possible so I slowly continue. My right leg wants to cramp, so I have to slow down more uphill. It seems to be forever until I finally arrive at the top. Great view again.

Definitely have to work on my nutrition.