FKT: Raymond Reynoso - Flint Hills Trail (KS) - 2023-08-15

Route variation
96 miles
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4d 6h 46m 0s
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The city of Osawatamie has moved the start point. The levy system has gates and fences with no trespassing signs. So I started at the Mile Marker 0.  As well there are a few detours for maintenance and where the trail is being rerouted into Osage City. I would say the mileage is about the same except for that very beginning part. The first day had 105 degree heat index. And it felt like it, luckily there was many shaded areas and I had plenty of water and electrolytes. Each successive day was cooler and at night 3 I even used my sleeping bag for the first time in a while. There was 2 big storm systems that blew through. One with a lot of lightening that I slept in and waited out. The last two days were beautiful weather and sights. After the detours the trail was is good condition and plenty of nice walking. The end is different as you come out of the Flint Hills into town and the trail just stops in the middle of the road. No trailhead or signs.