FKT: Rea Kolbl - Slovenia Lowest to Highest Triathlon - 2021-09-09

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
11h 22m 0s

Start of the dive: 8:27am
Touching the bottom: 8:36am, timer starts for the FKT
Ride: 9:21am until 4:56pm
Run: 5:10pm until 7:58pm
Total time: 11 hours and 22 minutes

Rules I followed: self propelled from start to finish, staying within Slovenia's borders, no drafting on the bike, self-navigation and route planning. 
Help I received: professional dive guide, 100% oxygen after the dive (decompression sickness safety precaution), ride safety vehicle (water/food resupply, road safety), run crew (moral support and safety but no hauling gear).

I started the dive in the morning in perfect weather conditions but less than ideal underwater situations. Currents were very strong, making swimming to the front of the boat already challenging. Regardless, we successfully descended to -38m along the anchor rope to the lowest point of Slovenia. After slow ascent we swam back to shore, which was challenging with the currents that kept pushing us sideways. I did the dive with master instructor for safety. 

After the dive I jumped on the bike which was waiting for me on the shore at the transition area. I started slowly, taking the first few hours conservatively to make sure the risk of decompression sickness was minimized. Weather was warm but calm and I enjoyed the scenic bike paths I started on before turning onto roads. I created my own route to the mountains (different than the one Eduard followed) and I tried to minimize the distance and elevation gain. I spent most of the time on pavement with only a couple short sections on gravel which luckily left both of my tires intact. I rode a lot of country roads I've never been on before and the views kept me motivated throughout the day. I had a support vehicle both for safety and to resupply water and snacks but I didn't draft (either off of the vehicle or other riders). It took me 7:35 for the ride and I arrived to the end of the road just before 5pm.

I had a friend come with me on the hike who provided moral support and safety but didn't carry any of my gear. We took the route from Trenta to the top and we spent most of the run in the golden hour light which was stunning. We were rushed both for the FKT but more importantly to catch the sunset from the summit, which was absolutely stunning. We arrived to the top at 7:58pm, 11 hours and 21 minutes after I started at the bottom of the sea. The sunset was magical and I felt exhausted, but we still had to hike an hour down to the hut where we stayed the night.

Funny enough, 122 mile bike ride had less elevation gain than the 9 mile hike... It was an incredible experience and I loved both planning the challenge and the day of adventure.