FKT: Rebecca Hormann - Wardens' Way (United Kingdom) - 2022-10-15

Route variation
Out and back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 14m 57s
GPS track(s)

Started just by the White Hart Inn on Castle Street in Winchcombe. I had the GPX file loaded on my watch, but I primarily just followed the signs for Wardens Way since it's very well-marked. There were a couple of wrong turns and second-guessing but overall it's relatively easy to follow. The day was pretty much perfect, nice and cool, so I was fine with just some tailwind, water, and haribo. The GPX file didn't match up exactly with the signs when I got close to the turnaround point so I did my best to follow the signs. A bit annoying when you get to Bourton as there's a big road to cross and you get stuck at the light for a bit. Great route though, highly recommend it!