FKT: Regina Massingill - Northshore Trail, Grapevine Lake (TX) - 2022-12-17

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 55m 35s

Only having been to this trail twice before, I decided to start from MADD shelter to give myself access to water & a Porta Potty in case I needed anything halfway through. I carried my vest with 32 oz of Tailwind; I used almost all of it but never had to refill. I ran north first to knock out the more technical portion of the trail and encountered only 1 cyclist for the entire first 10 miles of my run. The second half was on less technical terrain, so I was able to log a few faster miles in spite of frequent stops to let cyclists pass. Since I'd never seen the southernmost portion of the route going around the Rockledge Park, I took my time here and made several route checks on the phone. I had to do a little bushwacking to get through a short segment next to the lake; if there's a trail there, it was pretty overgrown. My mileage came in a little high at 23.15 but that's not surprising given how much the trail winds. This seems to be a popular trail, and it was a quite fun to run, so hopefully my setting the bar here encourages more ladies to give it a go.