FKT: Rehan Greeff, De Wet Kruger - Arun Way (UK) - 2019-08-03

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
4h 6m 47s

Me and my friend, De Wet Kruger, tackled the Arun Way in an attempt to set an "official" FKT. The route is relatively flat, on various terrain, including short stints on road (some dangerous). Route is not specifically marked as the "Arun Way", and requires you to run with your downloaded GPX map open to ensure you follow the correct route. Some areas are very overgrown and requires 'bundu bashing'. Along the route you follow the River Arun from the small seaside village of Littlehampton via the beautiful Arundel and finish at the Pulborough train station (after a 6km loop around the town). For more photos and stories along the route, please feel free to visit my Instagram page (@rehangreeff).

 bought water and snacks from a shop along the route