FKT: Rehan Greeff - Fox Way (United Kingdom) - 2020-10-04

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Total time
7h 10m 38s
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I took a stab at the Fox Way FKT (Fastest Known Time) on the same day as the virtual London Marathon. The Fox Way circumnavigates Guildford in Surrey and has some beautiful and varied scenery along the way.

The crazy amount of rain that fell over the few days before my attempt and the non-stop rain during my attempt didn't make it "ideal" racing conditions at all, but definitely contributed to a great adventure. I carried all my own water and nutrition and glad it wasn't necessary for resupply. The navigation was a bit tricky at places, as the Fox Way markers aren't everywhere - so a lot of taking the GPS out and reconfirming that I was on the correct route throughout (which definitely took some time out of the attempt).

I decided to start the course at West Clandon Play Playpark and travel clockwise. This meant I could take on the biggest single climb of the entire route while still fresh and also allowed me to cover the biggest climbs over the first 30km of the circular route.