FKT: Renata Poetzl, Brenda Bland, Nicki Donahue - Ice Age Trail, Sheboygan County - 2022-11-19

Route variation
one way
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
9h 49m 50s
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We had the best day on the trails, and some roads. The snow-covered trails were absolutely beautiful, with temperatures around 19 degrees, feels like 6. The strong wind gusts sure made it a type 2 fun adventure at times.

The plan of dropping off cars was perfect, but execution failed. I chose the wrong parking lot, and instead of mile 21, my car was at mile 11. We made it work by carrying more food with us and were reminded that anything can happen on a self-supported run.

Gear was spot on for all of us! We would feel cold briefly after stopping, but would quickly warm up once moving, sometimes getting too warm and removing hats and gloves.

It was the opening day for gun deer hunting season, so we made sure to wear orange. We followed many blood tracks, saw several hunters and even deer guts on the side of the trail, but never felt unsafe.

We had another car at Mauthe Lake, for a total of 35 miles. Brenda and I warmed up in the car, ate, changed clothes (added layers for the nighttime), and bravely headed out again for 5 more miles to finish 40.

I could not even imagine a better day!