FKT: Renaud Cmela - The Many Bridges of Cork City (Ireland) - 2022-12-26

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any route
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56m 46s
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I ran the course alone yesterday morning and I was alone, no one came for pictures or support.

I started the route as planned and followed it. I got stuck after bridge number 20 that I passed but I couldn't cross bridges 21 and 22 due to access gates being closed and locked (possibly due to the Holiday season). I got a bit lost in an estate next to the closed path and had to extend the route and complete following that course.

I felt my legs being a bit tired in the first kilometre but got over it quickly and a second dip around the 4 kilometre mark but managed to push myself.

I didn't have food before the run, only one espresso about 90 minutes before and a Maurten gel 15 minutes before starting. I didn't have any drinks or anything else during the run.

I am hoping to run it again in the future as it is a beautiful route and I would like to run it as traced fully.