FKT: René Hess - Deister Wellen - 2022-05-27

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1h 56m 48s
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Considering I'm the original creator of this route on it seemed obvious I had to add my own try. This will not hold as the fastest time for long, seeing that I'm not a fast runner by far. 

But the weather was great today, a bit cooling, nice wind. The ground conditions were almost perfect, almost no mud on the trail, just one newly downed tree on the route.

I started in the late afternoon, just carrying a pack of GU chews and a soft flask with water. No resupply needed for this. 

I met no bikers on the trail, just one pair of hikers near the Rodenberger Höhe. So not much traffic, unusual for this time of year.

Still, I know, this is not my fastest effort on this route. I can definitely do better.