FKT: Renee Elsdon Jacobs - High Sierra Trail (CA) - 2021-07-15

Route variation
with Whitney summit
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
23h 11m 8s
GPS track(s)

Unlike all of my previous FKTs, I stuck to the trails this time, so this FKT was a bit of uncharted territory for me! It was also my longest trail run - usually my long days include some time off-trail or scrambling. Almost negligible sleep the night before, altitude symptoms on Mount Whitney, intense heat in the middle of the day, dehydration, and crippling knee pain in the last 15 miles or so all took a toll and made me slower than I was hoping. This FKT was definitely made possible by all the tape and ibuprofen that I was carrying in my pack. For a trip report, go to