FKT: Rhett Gibson - Bondi to Manly Walk (NSW, Australia) - 2021-10-17

Route variation
Standard Point-Point
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 9m 41s

Great day out, although the last hour was toasty on north head where there is no shade. Conditions were 12 degrees at 6.10am and 23 degrees at the end. Light winds.

Detailed course notes: It's important to run out to all the wharves / harbour points (including Darling Point wharf, where Kirribilli rocks meet the water, Cremourne Point down to the water). It's also important to not accidentally miss the random side streets in the south (see Rose Bay, Point Piper, Red Leaf Pool). The course notes on the B2M website is the source of truth, it is slightly harder than the GPS route on the website.

For me, the only course closure was the short hanging swamp loop near the end due to bushfire damage (about 300m is missed). To keep things honest I looped back at that point and ran an extra 500-600m to more than cover it. I also started 300m before the start line at Bondi to be safe. 

Thanks to Keith Mullen for throwing a gatorade or two at me in the heat. Thanks to Matt Dawson for keeping me sensible pre-heat (ran from 18km-33km).

Shoes were Kinvara 12s.