FKT: Rhett Gibson - Six Foot Track (NSW, Australia) - 2020-05-16

Route variation
Twelve Foot Track
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
9h 15m 46s
GPS track(s)

The previous known fastest time was around 9hrs 45 min. Rhett Gibson and Brendan Davies took off for the 90km run at sunrise, and with great conditions they hit the turnaround point at Caves House in a relatively quick 4 hours 13 mins. Caves House was still closed from the recent bushfire event. 

The return leg has slightly more uphill and was overall a bit slower. Due to a few cramps Brendan took it easy from the 80km mark and was able to receive a lift up the hill to meet Rhett back at Explorer's tree. At this point the temperature was beginning to drop but because it was still fairly early in the year there was still a bit of sunlight and luckily no need for headlamps.

Rhett and Brendan ran the "pure" course which meant running through Cox's river and not crossing at the bridge before it. It also meant starting at Explorer's Tree and running all the way to Caves House before turning around.

Water was refilled along the way using the few rainwater tanks dotted along the course. All nutrition was carried.