FKT: Richard Forbes - Mailbox - Granite Linkup (WA) - 2021-06-08

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14h 33m 19s

Overall, this route went pretty smoothly. Mailbox to Dirty Harry is schwacky and sketchy with snow on the steep north-eastern slopes, but the ridgeline from Web to Defiance was incredible and easily made up for it. Once I summitted Bandera, the clouds started blowing in, and I did the West Granite/Granite traverse in a wet whiteout. Luckily I'd been up there before.

I'm not sure if having snow made things faster or slower. I got some great bootskiing in, but also postholed into the underlying talus a stressful number of times. Plus I carried a Whippet and spikes. Not having to carry those would have been nice.

There's lots of water all along this route, so I never carried more than a liter at any given time (though it might get dry in August).

I'm sure I could have done this faster, but I took my time and really enjoyed the route and the changing weather. Wouldn't mind going back in mid-July and doing a speed-run on it though!