FKT: Richard Kresser - Wonderland Trail (WA) - 2013-09-15

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1d 3h 16m 0s

This past weekend, on September 14th at 3:35 am, I set off from Longmire in a clockwise direction to complete the Wonderland loop in one unsupported push.  I was originally planning on doing a more conservative pace and enjoying myself, but as often happens, I just start pushing it and the rest is history.  I finished the next morning, September 15th, at 6:51 am, for a total elapsed time of 27:16 minutes.  Unfortunately, since I was not even expecting to come anywhere close to the unsupported FKT (frankly, I didn't even know what it was), I did not plan for any sort of verification means.  I met hikers along the route and talked to them, but did not exchange emails with any of them.  My I used my Spot Beacon to check in along the route, but it that does not verify the start/finish.  Also, I was just getting used to using my newish Suunto Ambit, and I didn't realize it had a "lock" feature to keep me from occasionally hitting the "pause" button and having it stop recording.  Also it was set to 60s recording to conserve battery life, so not that accurate anyway for distance.

Gear carried:
About 9,000 calories
Ultralight shell
Long sleeved thermal shirt
BD Comet Headlamp
Petzl Emergency Headlamp
Leatherman Juice
SPOT Beacon

I realize this might be too vague of a submittal for verification purposes.  Links below are to the trip report, photos, and strava link.

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