FKT: Richard McDowell - Wimbledon & Richmond (United Kingdom) - 2021-08-20

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1h 24m 8s

This was another very local route to me, the majority of which I have run numerous times, although never in its entirety in one run.  Given the early start and the rapidly diminishing amount of daylight as summer draws towards a close, I had to use a head torch for around the first 7km which may have slowed me down a tiny bit, along with the occasional mud underfoot.  Again the custom VaporTrail 4%s did a sterling job of keeping me upright.  Some significant bramble scratches and nettle stings from where the route takes the less well-trodden path, but overall very few issues.  Potentially an uncompromising attitude to speed may have compounded these!  Navigation can be a little challenging while travelling adjacent to the A3 between Putney Vale Cemetery and Tibbet's Corner, hence a slow split along this segment, but managed to maintain a pretty solid pace overall.  Small pavement pizza at the end indicative of this!  Garmin also agrees with a 3 day recovery prediction...  Double strength proprietary Maurten blend and a Caffeine Bullet before the start kept me fuelled and buzzing throughout.  Solo run, didn't see a single pedestrian/runner/cyclist in Richmond Park, possibly down to my antisocial start time.  Stag photo was taken on a previous run in Richmond, others were before/after.

A lovely route circumnavigating 2 of London's great green spaces that I'm fortunate enough to have on my doorstep.