FKT: Rick Martin - Cumberland Valley on the AT (PA) - 2016-01-14

Route variation
out & back (rim-to-rim-to-rim)
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
8h 17m 37s

On 1/14/16 I completed the run exactly as described in my orginal post in 8:17:37 (total elapsed time).  I completed the run self supported.  No other runners were able to join me since I ran during normal working hours.

The distance turned out to be 39.1 miles; a bit more than I had estimated.  The weather was very nice for a mid-January day in PA.  Temps started out in the low 20's, but rose to the low 40's by afternoon.  A brief snow squall from the previous day put enough snow on the trail to turn it into mud after temps rose in the afternoon.  Regardless of the mud, I felt good all day long and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.   I'm looking forward to coming up with a new challenge for my 61st!

I'm not sure what "proof" I need to supply.  The Strava link includes pictures of my watch at the top of each "rim" and at the finish.