FKT: Rikard Hallgren - Kinnekulleleden (Sweden) - 2020-07-12

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Total time
5h 50m 27s
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The loop -

Started at Hällekis Camping and ran the loop clockwise. In retrospect this was a good decision. This meant that I got most of the ascent in the first 10k (300m) and after that I had a 15k of low-grade downhill running before two small uphill parts at 31-35k (90m) an 41-43k (90m). The last 1/3 was also much easier to run with more non-technical sections. In general, the loop is not especial technical except for some short sections. So, this loop could be ran very fast if you have the speed and stamina.

Energy and drinks -

I brought with me 1,2 l of water which was too little for the run. For energy I had 4 GU-gels which was enough. 

Weather -

The weather was perfect with a mix of sun and clouds at a temperature of 18-19 degrees and a cooling breeze.

Gear -

Trucker cap, Bioracer T-shirt, 2013 London Marathon Adidas shorts, OMM Trail Fire Vest, Gococco socks and ICEBUG DTS 3 on my feet’s.

General –

You can get on the loop almost anywhere you like depending on where you can park you car or where you get of the public transport (train). I can recommend the Hällekis Camping because its convenient. There is free parking at the beach and the trail passes right thru this parking lot. Afterward you can buy drinks and food at the very small convenience store in the camping. You can also go for a swim at the beach to or if you like you can spend the night at the camping. This camping is around 20-30min walk from the train station.

All in all, a wonderful trail with so much to see and experience.

Trail Propaganda! 

Loved it!