FKT: Rini Sugianto - Santiago Peak (CA) - 2019-03-23

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6h 38m 2s

Santiago Peak is the peak in my backyard where I see it everyday . Technically I can even try to run it from my house but that'll adds up to 40 miles . LOL . 

This route is awesome since it's a loop . 

 I parked my car at the small parking space on the uphill road at Modjeska Road at 9:32 am , then run the windy road ( be careful of cars on the tight corner since there are no pedestrian) . Santiago truck trail trailhead is just about 0.3 miles away from the parking spot. 

From here I run the santiago truck trail . Made a quick stop by the flag and reached the old camp at around 11:42 am. I took a wrong route for a bit and back track to go down to the camp. 

Reached Santiago Peak at 1:10 pm 

Then run down Main divide trail to Harding truck trail . Took a fall on the way down and back at the car after 6:38:02