FKT: Rob Dillon - Tennyson Trail (United Kingdom) - 2022-07-10

Route variation
One way
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Total time
2h 39m 20s
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Tennyson.gpx463.19 KB

A scorching summer's day on the Isle of Wight, and my first full completion of the Tennyson Trail having walked halfway with a friend during last year's visit.

Running and navigation was smooth - with some tactical hiking up the Downs - until Freshwater Bay, where unclear signposting led to a brief confusion to avoid an early turn onto the Coastal Path. From there things were tough in the heat but straightforward, passing a Coastguard training exercise at the Tennyson Monument and dropping down into The Needles at Alum Bay. The end of the route was not clearly marked and so time was wasted looking for one in the tourist complex, after which the watch was stopped and a well-deserved ice cream quickly obtained!