FKT: Rob Dougall - Capital Ring (London, UK) - 2019-07-01

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
16h 10m 37s

My start/finish was at the River Thames in Richmond. Leaving from this point at 5.30 meant I could safely pass through all the parks (no detours due to morning/evening closures). The only possibility was that I'd need to pass through Wimbledon Park (Mile 72) before 9pm. Though I didn't have to detour around any parks, I was not able to cross the Richmond footbridge (which opens at 6.30). Instead I crossed the Twickenham bridge.

I was fortunate that the path just east of Northwick Park had just had the overgrown brambles cut back just days before my run (this was the WORST part of my training runs). I was unfortunate that I got very lost in Woolwich after I turned left away from the river. I couldn't find my way out of the neighborhood, and when I finally did & got to the main road I was disoriented and ran the wrong way.

This was a self-supported run -- I carried all my own gear and did all my own route-finding (even cycled myself to and from the start/finish). But to be clear, on this urban run I didn't need to carry that much food & water (shout-out to Subway in East Finchley & McDonalds in Woolwich for providing some much needed calories). I am grateful to the Drummonds in Wandsworth and a kind cabbie in Eltham who shared some water with me. I'm grateful for my friends Brady & Ioannis keeping me company for the first & last 10 miles. I am grateful to my son Sawyer for creating an awesome playlist for me.

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