FKT: Rob Krar, Buck Blankenship - Tonto Trail (AZ) - 2021-12-13

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Total time
1d 2h 23m 10s
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Quick beta from Rob:

  • We left Flagstaff Sunday morning and hiked to Red Canyon in time for a 1pm start
  • We had crew at Cottonwood Creek, Kaibab, Boucher and Bass
  • Our friend Bryce and Joel (filming) joined us for the final 11-mile stretch from Bass to Garnet Canyon
  • Overall, our logistical plan worked very well. The 13+ hours of dark, which included the most difficult sections of the trail (The Gems) really tested our fortitude.
  • We finished around 3pm and then began the 11-mile hike back to Bass trail where we had a two night camping permit
  • The next morning we made the five mile hike up South Bass then a seven mile hike to our car
  • This was the most physically and mentally challenging effort I’ve ever done. It’s hard to describe, compare, or put into perspective how challenging I feel the Tonto trail is.