FKT: Rob Peters - Big M Loop (MI) - 2023-05-14

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2h 23m 9s

First time at the Big M :). I saw a Cuckoo at close range! Happy Mother's Day Moms! Pics & a video on Strava.

Thanks to Ben Rigling for making this an FKT route.
I went easy on the calories & fluids and didn't have any GI distress. Imagine that! 😂🤗🎉.
Looks like I (hopefully) managed to grab the FKT for now (pending approval), but a slight deviation from the strava segment kept me from also getting the CR. 🙄🤷🏻‍♂️Oh well. I ran the exact same route at Ben and he had the minor deviation from the strava segment too.
2hr22 min at tempo+HR probably isn't the perfect training stimulus, but I hadn't done much intensity all week and we have to have fun with our fitness, right? 😜 I picked it up at the end to try and get the average pace under 9 min/mile.
Not sure why my watch recorded ~0.3 miles less than Ben Rigling 's?  I used the gpx from his run to navigate. Technically a supported run because Kara was biking with me for about half the time, but I carried all my own nutrition & hydration. Thanks for the company Kara Vigneron !
Great trail. Not technical at all, except for the fact that the forefoot of my stiff shoes slipped in the dead leaves when "power hiking" up climbs. One small wrong turn out and back that added ~15 seconds or so.
I drank almost 1L of diluted tailwind (2*500 ml flasks, each with 1 scoop-->100 calories), had 1 block of cliff blocks (salted marg) and 1 small pack of skittles. I had a tiny bit of a roctane gel, but I felt like that might overdo it, so I just carried it. 1 quick pee, but no other bathroom stops (and I even ate raw broccoli, cauliflower & carrots with dinner last night!). I did have a caffeinated cliff bar right before heading out.
I definitely had a cold hit me last night. My nose was running like a waterfall all night & I sneezed like a dozen times in the middle of the night. I felt that a bit during my run, but since the symptoms didn't seem to include my lungs, I figured I could go for it. I wanted to bike the loop after the run, but since I'm fighting off a cold (and have a ton of grading to do!), I figured I would head home and spend some time recovering.
Somehow my altimeter kicked the bucket already. :( it might be time to upgrade so I can use a watch to navigate and track for 15+ hours for Labor Day FKT project. (This battery will die earlier when in navigation mode).