FKT: Rob Peters - Paul Henry - Thornapple Trail (MI) - 2021-08-14

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 16m 29s

I did this alone & carried all my hydration & nutrition. Pics on strava post. This is a fast route. I was pacing this out and back as an ironman marathon and took a few bathroom breaks, so there is plenty of room to improve on both the one-way and out and back. 

Pushed a bit for the first 3 miles to get on a segment leaderboard. Then settled in to 120-125 bpm for next ~6 miles, as during the first 6 miles of IM marathon. Legs felt pretty heavy and tired, but I kept moving. At the turn dialed it up to 125-128 bpm, just like my plan for IM marathon. I felt a lot better mentally and physically after making the halfway point. The last few miles, I pushed to keep lap pace under 8 min/mile. I did take a few walking breaks and a couple breaks to Pee. Also one Porta John sit down break. Kept watch running most of the time. This was another time it seemed like Gatorade endurance was not sitting well on my stomach. A couple times I had to stop to let my stomach settle, including once near the end. Maybe I was eating too much sugar for that intensity? But not a lot of calories for me. I carried 2.5 L and am surprised how little I used. It was 79-81 deg F, And I expected to roast. But because I’ve been training in the heat, and because humidity was low today, it actually felt pretty cool, despite being mostly exposed. I ate ~1.5 sleeves of cliff blocks (salty margarita, as usual), one salty chocolate cliff bar, and drank ~0.5 L of GE. Also took 3 salt stick tablets.

I also burped a couple times in the last ~1/4 of the run & stomach felt better after that.

SB trip: 1:23:14 based on new strava segment.
NB trip: 1hr16min29sec based on new strava segment.

I started the run a little before the FKT route posted. I started at the northernmost sign that says Paul Henry Thornapple Trail (see photo). That’s where one of the segments start, and seems like an appropriate starting place. That’s where I stopped as well.