FKT: Robin Hurst - New Mills Parish Boundary Walk (United Kingdom) - 2022-02-27

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4h 11m 35s

I started and finished on the main street as you couldn't park at the start, carried all my fuel in a small rucksack. The route ended up being nearly 20 miles, most of the time it was easy to follow.  Overall this was tougher than expected.  I now know why there was no FKT before, it is brutal. Lots of people do the sections on separate days as a walk with good reason.  Following the route means going through boggy fields and paths as well as negotiating a small river.  The route seems to be going up all the time but the scenery from the tops was breath taking since it was a sunny day for once.  Missed my turnings in a few places and had to go back, but all part of the fun.  Slipped and cut my hand on barbed wire due to the mud and my sole came off my shoe at 12 miles. Other than that it was challenging which was the point, so great.  It also means I can get a new pair of trainers, which is an added bonus.