FKT: Robyn Reeder - Mt Baldy (CA) - 2020-11-26

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2h 30m 25s

Wow what a wonderful run, and a fun loop! The terrain is is so rugged and inspiring. I started right around 7:10 in the am, and reached the Mt. Baldy summit in approximately 1:34:25. I didn't take a split at the top, but now looking at the Garmin elevation graph, I reached the highest point, 10,060 ft. in 1:34:25. It was an absolutely beautiful day, with views for miles. Devil's backbone was quite windy! But the worst wind gusts were surprisingly 2 miles before the finish on the fire road. I was lucky to have my amazing partner join me for the entire route. Besides words of encouragement, he gave me no other support. I carried all that I needed myself the entire way, and set the pace. I find it really nice to share these experiences with the people you care about. Overall, super stoked about this route, and it sure was nice being back in my home stomping grounds.