FKT: Rocky Moses - Middle Sister (OR) - 2022-08-08

Route variation
up & down
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 29m 2s

August 8th 2022 attempted the FKT for Middle Sister(OR) solo.  Only food I had was 4 Gu's I packed with, water was 2L in my hydra pack.  Departed Pole Creek Trailhead at 5:40 AM, tagged the true summit of Middle Sister and returned to Pole Creek TH for a time of 4 hours 29 minutes 2 seconds, edging out the previous time by about 11 minutes.  Overall it went very smoothly apart from missing where the hayden glacier cut across started and losing 20-30 minutes scrambling over some nasty scree and loose class 3-4 boulders, found the glacier on the way down though and that was much smoother.  If I were to do it again and take the glacier on the way up I think I could drop this time to about 4:00 or a little under.  Crevasses melting out quick so likely won't be possible till next year.  Super stoked about this effort overall!  My first FKT ever assuming it gets verified.  Thanks to Justin James Long for advice on this route!  I'm sure this record will be broken and there are definitely some freaks out there who could get under 3:30!  Happy hunting!